Stott on Living as the New Humanity

stottAt last Sunday evening’s service, and again on Wednesday night, I quoted John Stott on Living as the New Humanity. I promised to put the quote on the blog, so here it is. In the quote Stott uses the language of ‘new society’, but the meaning in the same – he also uses the language of ‘new humanity’ elsewhere. Anyway, here’s the quote…

We are God’s new society, a people who have put off the old life and put on the new; that is what he has made us.

So we need to recall this by the daily renewal of our minds, … thinking Christianly about ourselves and our new status. Then we must actively cultivate a Christian life.

For holiness is not a condition into which we drift. We are not passive spectators of a sanctification God works in us. On the contrary, we have purposefully to ‘put away’ from us all conduct that is incompatible with our new life in Christ, and to ‘put on’ a lifestyle compatible with it.

John Stott, Ephesians (BST), 193

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