True, Real Life…and the Church’s Calling


Men and women, human beings, long for true and real reality, true, real life, the fullness of humanity—and the freedom that should go with it. But they have lost it, and continue not to find it so long as they stick to the basic principles of the Enlightenment, of which the first and the last is that man wants to be autonomous, and does not want to acknowledge God, the God of the Bible, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.
But who is to blame? Are those of us who are Christians innocent? Can we really say we warned them? Can we really say that we showed them the greatness of the fact that we are indeed new men, new human beings, in the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Have we shown that the world is indeed open, and have we testified not only with words but in our deeds and in our thinking and our wisdom that we know there is a living God? We must be honest—none of us is free of guilt.
H.R. Rookmaaker